Svadlenak Museum Consulting

August 11, 2015

Jean Svadlenak brings over 30 years of museum experience to her planning and project management services.  She specializes in guiding museums, large and small, in achieving excellence in collections care and management, creating award winning exhibits and successful long-term visions.

Jean’s clients include  private non-profit, city, state, and federally-owned museums, historical agencies and historic sites, schools, parks, hospitals, corporations, and federal courts.   Her enthusiasm and dedication to helping organizations plan, organize and implement projects to meet or exceed current standards and best practices to better serve the public, is evident in her projects and client relationships.

Prior to establishing a consulting practice in 1989, Jean served as Curator, then President at the Kansas City Museum.  During her 11-year tenure there, she coordinated all curatorial and exhibition activities.  While she was President, the Museum opened a 5,000 sq. ft. satellite exhibit space in the Town Pavilion and was accredited by the American Association of Museums.

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